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110 Greene Street, Suite #407
New York, NY 10012

In the 15 years I've known Joe Stromick..

..he and his company, JS Audio, have represented the Meridian brand and heritage on the highest possible level. The product expertise, customer service and technical support at JS Audio are best-in-class - just like Meridian products are. We are proud to have JS Audio as one of our top-performing Premium Partners!

--Ken Forsythe, Director, Product Management, Meridian America


From Ryan Donaher, our Regional Sales Manager:

For over fifteen years JS Audio has been representing Meridian Audio in the greater Washington DC area. As one of Meridian's longest-standing dealers, owner Joe Stromick exhibits unparalleled commitment and passion for both Meridian and our industry. This dedication has allowed Joe to be recognized as one of Meridian's hand-selected "Premium Partners", our top-tier level of reseller. This partnership status is not awarded easily; Joe and his team have gone though countless days product trainings to guarantee every Meridian component they sell performs to its best potential when installed in a customer's home.

I wholeheartedly recommend that any potential Meridian customer pay a visit to JS Audio. There, one can experience our full range of product offerings: from our award-winning Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System, to a full-blown Meridian Digital Theater featuring our flagship 861V8 Reference Surround Processor and DSP7200 Active Loudspeakers! The performance is spine-tingling, and you will fully realize that together, both Meridian and JS Audio, represent best-in-class performance and service.

Meridian Products on Display

808.5 Signature Reference CD Player 861V8 Reference Surround Controller Sooloos Control 15 Sooloos MS600
G08.2 24-bit Upsampling CD Player G61R Surround Controller Sooloos Media Core 200 M80 Compact Music System
G68 Surround Controller DSP8000 Active Loudspeakers DSP7200 Active Loudspeakers DSP5200 Active Loudspeakers